Online Registration Solutions For Companies Large and Small

If your business is still handling registrations through email or with spreadsheets, rsvpBOOK can pay for itself overnight by eliminating days of paperwork processing and tedium. You can now have easy access to all the information you need about your events: registration rosters, sales reports, survey response breakdowns. Everything at your fingertips and available with a single click.

Feature Highlights

  • Capture personalized registrant information easily
  • Process credit card payments online quickly and securely
  • Send email invitations from within your event
  • Build custom reports showing demographics and sales summaries
  • Quickly share custom reports with other members in your organization
  • Easily build name badges and certificates
  • Generate fundraising attendance rosters
  • Automatic Email Confirmations
  • Follow up with your event attendees with Post Event Surveys

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rsvpBOOK gave me an instant ability to manage my registration process. By giving registration control directly to my customers, I was able to focus on the items that most needed my attention while still giving my customers a professional registration experience.
– Rob Coleman, Common Goal